Taking Your Cat With You

September 05, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Air Travel

It can be tricky to take a pet with you on your vacation. However, it can also be very worthwhile and rewarding to your pet with you.

It is very important to keep several things in mind if you are planning on taking a cat with you. Here are several air travel tips that you will want to consider before you leave:

  1. Talk to your vet about whether your cat is up for travel or not
  2. Ask your vet if there are any diseases that you should be aware of that your cat may contract from where you are going
  3. Consider the weather and whether you will need to make special arrangements for your pet before you leave
  4. Obtain a health certificate that is within 10 days of your departure when traveling by plane because it is required by airport personnel
  5. Find a quality carrier that is ventilated and big enough for your pet to move around in
  6. Allow your cat to explore the carrier and get used to it before you leave on your trip
  7. Look up the information for a vet that you can see in the area you are traveling to just in case you need his or her services
  8. Make sure you hotel welcomes cats

By doing these things and planning ahead, you will be able to make sure that your cat will be a wonderful addition to your trip and not a stressful one. In addition, your cat will enjoy the trip a lot more too.

Taking Medication Through the Airport

August 31, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Air Travel

Traveling as a senior is not always easy, particularly if you have to pass through airport inspections. As you pass through security, there are several things that you will want to keep in mind.

One of the many things that you will want to keep in mind is that there are special rules about how medications can pass through security. Here are a few of the rules and air travel tips that you may want to consider if you want a visual screening instead of an x-ray screening:

  1. You have to ask for a visual screening before they begin the x-ray screen or they will not be able to stop it
  2. Consider putting your medical equipment and medication in a separate bag for the visual screen so the rest of your things can go through the x-ray
  3. Put the rest of your things on the converyor belt and hand the medical bag to someone to request the visual screening
  4. Then, walk through the metal detector
  5. You should be asked to open and handle your medications yourself so that airport employees do not contaminate it in anyway
  6. If some of your medications cannot be cleared visually, they will need to be x-rayed
  7. If you refuse to let this happen, then you will not be allowed to take them with you on your trip

As you keep these things in mind, you will be able to pass through airport security easily. In addition, your trip will be very enjoyable because you will have the medication that you will need with you.

Taking Your Dog on Vacation With You

August 29, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Air Travel

Your pet needs to have the right accommodations for travel, if it is going to be a good experience for your both. Here are some air travel tips for taking your dog with you on your vacation:

  1. Check your airline’s pet policy to make sure that you can take your pet and that you follow their rules
  2. Put a few toys or comfort items in your dog’s kennel
  3. Check your hotel’s pet policy to make sure that you will not have to make other arrangements for your best friend
  4. Look up more online tips for the safe travel of your dog
  5. Remember to let your dog have bathroom breaks frequently
  6. Make sure his or her tags and collar are on correctly
  7. Bring plenty of food and water

As you do these things, you will be able to take your favorite pet with you safely. Following this advice can also help you have a better vacation.