How To Lose Weight Fast For A Vacation

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Are You Going On a Vacation And Need To Lose Weight?

So you have the tickets already purchased for that cruise or beach resort, you have already reserved your vacation time with work and purchased that new swimsuit. Now there is only one thing left to do. Make sure that you look good in that swimsuit.

When most people start to plan a vacation they start to realize that they are a little out of shape and need to lose a few pounds. It can inspire people to lose those last few pounds. The key to looking better at the beach is to simply lose weight.

Tips to Lose Weight Before a Vacation

Tip 1: Try attaching a photo of where you are going to vacation on the door of your refrigerator or pantry. Simply having this reminder of where you are going to go will help keep you motivated to lose those extra couple of pounds.

Tip 2: If you are not already a member of a gym it is a good time to join. Exercising at a gym will not only help you burn more calories and lose weight, but it will help tone up your muscles, making you look thinner and healthier.

Tip 3: Remove all temptations from your site, including all sugary foods and processed food. Clean out your cabinets, pantries, and fridge.

Tip 4: When you go shopping stock up on real food, try and stick to the outside aisles. They have the healthy fresh fruits and vegetables and not the processed foods that are bad for you.

Tip 5: Dieting is a great way to lose weight quickly. There are many healthy diets out on the market today that can help you lose up to 1 pound of fat a day. Diets like the HCG Drops Diets will help you lose weight not only quickly but also safely.

By following these simple rules you will be able to lose those extra pounds and look great for you vacation.

A Dining Secret in Las Vegas

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When you are going to vacation in Las Vegas you should be sure that you take advantage of Mr. Lucky’s $7.77 deal. This is a meal that is not published on the menu, but something that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 hotel is located in the Hard Rock Hotel Casino. There are a lot of people that simply walk past this diner, assuming it is just like every other 24/7 diner in Vegas.

When you sit down to eat at the diner, simply tell the waiter that you want the $7.77 special. The water will know exactly what you are talking about and in a few minutes you will get a complete meal. First, you will get the choice of a salad. The Caesar salad comes highly recommended. After you get the salad you will then be served a plate with mashed potatoes, a steak and three jumbo sized shrimp.

Quite a deal for only $7.77!

Helpful Hints for Holiday Traveling

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As the holiday season rolls around, family trips are a popular activity. Although trips and vacations can be fun and relaxing, sometimes the actual planning can be a headache. Local Travel Tips help alleviate your travel woes. We’ve already discussed safety and planning a flawless family vacation. In addition, we also researched apps to cover all areas of your planning from pre-flight, lodging, activities while you’re there, to easy ways to share your memories with your loved ones.


Kayak is a free app that allows you to compare and purchase flights, hotel rooms,and car rentals. It also allows you to view/manage itinerary, tracks your flights; look up baggage fees, airline phone numbers and airport information.

Tripit takes all of your trip details, and creates one helpful itinerary. It can also sync with your calender, eliminating that pocket book and traveling manila folder. Tripit Pro is recommended for frequent travelers and costs about $49.00 a year.


Gateguru is the best carry-on, it’s like Yelp for airports. We’ve all had a delay or longer than desired layover, with Gateguru you can view airport security wait times. You can also look up tips and reviews on amenities offered at your airport, like where the best cup of coffee is, or the closest 10-min neck massage.This is one of our favorite apps, especially in large airports such as O’hare, JFK, LAX, etc. knowing where the closest eatery, drink, restroom, or literature stop is essential.


Trip Advisor enables you to browse reviews, opinions, and photos of: hotels, restaurants, attractions. The near me now feature shows things closest to you and also allows you to bookmark it in the my saves, for future visits.

Priceline is perfect for those last minute accommodations. You can bid on cheap, decent rooms categorized by location, rating and usual price.


Goby searches activities near you including, live-music shows, family-friendly outings. Complete with details, photos, and map.

Urbanspoon helps settle the universal problematic question, of where should we eat? Shake the slot-machine interface to add some entertainment to your decision. Use GPS to find food near you. Filter your choices by neighborhood, cuisine, or price. There are ratings and reviews from newspapers, bloggers, and fellow eaters.


Onada Currency Converter is beneficial whether it’s credit card or cash exchanges you need to calculate. Onada helps whether you’re wanting to check/compare the current exchange rate, or making sure your exchange is calculated correctly. This free app comes equip with over 190 currencies for your traveling needs.

helps you speak like a local, and avoid foreign language mixups (although these make for great traveling stories). Besides lightning fast translations, it includes 52 languages; essentially an interpretor right in your pocket.

Convert Clothes is for the shopaholic in all of us. It gives you all clothing conversions in one area. Just pick your size and country and voila, see the equivalent in whatever you decide. This should hopefully lessen (but probably not eliminate) the “not the right size” problem.


Fotobabble helps you quickly create and add voice to your images, and share with friends. Make and share memories with a talking postcard in a few simple steps:
1. Snap photo
2. Speak into microphone
3. Share through email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Instagram is another great photo app that allows you to add filters and effects to the photos you take on your phone, then allows you to stream it through your social media accounts
( Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

Make the most of your travels, this holiday season! All of these apps are available to any smart phone users ( iPhone, Blackberry, Android), and are sure to make your trip a little less stressful and a lot more fun! For more tips and recommendations check out our about us section!