Giant Sewer Rat Mistaken for Chihuahua by Tourists

October 27, 2009 :: Posted by - Getaway Guru :: Category - Interest

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I recently took 2 friends of mine with me to the pet store when I went to buy crickets for my pet tarantula. The excessive amount of cute puppies, birds, fish, and gerbils influenced them that it was time to fulfill there dream of having their very own pet. After a lot of consideration they decided that a gerbil would be a good option.

When we were standing in line a nice veteran (not veterinarian) very easily convinced these 2 girls that a rat makes a much better pet. They picked the most timid and pale of the litter and spent $40 on accessories to make their $1.50 rodent comfortable. While looking at Borat (thats his christened name) I remembered a story about some naive tourists who brought an overgrown sewer rat home from Mexico because they thought it was a Chihuahua.

I did some research and found several variations of the story. Some where duped by a man selling baby chihuahas, others rescued a drowning dog in San Francisco Bay. Some versions claimed that they took it to the vet for shots and the vet broke the news and others said that they came home from work only to find that their pet cat had been eaten. Even though there is alot of material online I still wasn’t convinced. I have always called chihuahuas rats but are there really any rats that could be mistaken for a dog, or tourists that are stupid enough to confuse them? Check out the pictures and tell me what you think.

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2 Responses to “Giant Sewer Rat Mistaken for Chihuahua by Tourists”

  1. travel master Says:

    I am fairly certain that the above rat/ Chihuahua picture is falsified. You can tell by the lighting and the unproportional ear size of the so called rat. This is a joke; there is no such thing as sewer rats that are this big. This site has no merit, credentials, or sources of any kind.

  2. Researches rats Says:

    Rats can be even bigger than a chihuahua, but to mistaken a rat for one? It would be more of the tourist being naive than any similarities. the whole bone structure is different as well as the tail (Which I hope you know is completely different in it’s appearance and movements). Giant rats look more like a bunny than a dog. A capybara is also the largest rodent in the world that many people call a “giant rat” but they look more pig/boar like. There was even a huge documentary on Discovery channel about giant rats if you want to look for that or rent it. Although, as I said their appearances are no where near confusing with a dog, plus rats are alike nicer than a chihuahua hahaha.