Dream Summer Vacation Destination

Miami Florida is one of the best summer vacation locations in the United States. There is a wide variety of things to do and the weather is absolutely beautiful. Here are a few of things available for families of all sizes to do in Miami Florida:

  1. South Beach: With vibrant shopping experiences, a beautiful beach, and excellent party locations, South Beach is not a place you can miss in a trip to Miami.
  2. Miami Metrozoo: This zoo is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best zoos in America. The climate is hospitable to a variety of animals and the exhibits are cageless. The animals are also grouped by geographic location so you can get a better sense of what life is like for these animals in the wild and what kinds of other creatures these animals interact with.
  3. Seaquarium: This amazing outdoor aquarium is located right in between Miami Beach and downtown Miami.
  4. Miami Museum of Science: This is the perfect location to entertain the entire family. With exhibits specifically designed to entertain children and mind blowing facts for the adults, this will be a learning experience you will never forget.
  5. Parrot Jungle Island: There are few other places in America where you can see such a variety of these beautiful, tropical birds in their natural habitat.

After visiting some of these fun places, you are sure to have to come back and visit the rest. Be sure to book lodging early however, as it is tourist season.