Traveling Safely With a Pet

March 04, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Getting from here to there, Good to Know, Interest, Outdoor Travel, Safety

While taking Fluffy along on the family vacation may seem like a great idea in theory, when it comes down the actual logistics, it can be a little tough. This decision requires lots of planning and extra care, to ensure the safety of your pet. Flying an animal can be very dangerous, particularly if the storage area in the plane is not temperature and pressure controlled. Traveling with a animal on a road trip is safer in that regard, but requires a lot of planning and extra time. Here are some tips to help your road trip go a little more smoothly, if Fluffy is along for the ride.

If the weather is warm, be sure to use your air conditioning. Always make sure that air is being circulated frequently. Restrain your pet, using a pet seat belt or secured carrier. For safety reasons, do not allow your pet to stick its head out the window. Try to take breaks at least every three hours to allow your pet to exercise and relieve itself.

When you stop at a rest stop, never allow your pet to run loose. A pet can become lost, run into traffic, or get involved in a fight with another animal. Avoid leaving them unattended in the car for any amount of time, especially during warm or cold weather. A car parked in the sun can quickly become overheated – and shade moves quickly.

Remember the “nothing in nothing out theory”. If you do not feed or water your animal right before you leave, they are less likely to need frequent stops. They are more comfortable, not needing to make frequent bathroom breaks.

With these tips, your trip will go much more smoothly, and your pet will be much safer and happier.

Using Deals To Save Money

February 10, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Air Travel, Cruising, Getting from here to there

One of the most important parts of saving money when travelling is using deals to help supplement the effort. Many people don’t fully realize that they can save money if they wait for the right time to go.

Many airlines and cruise ships have special deals that happen when they need to promote business, either as a marketing campaign or because it is the off season and they need to fill spots that are open. For example, Jet Blue had a day last year where they  offered airfare for ten dollars a ticket going to specfifc places worldwide as part of a promotional deal.

Cruise ships sometimes pull the same types of deals, becasuse their industry is based on ceretain seasons being better for tourism. People usually travel during the winter and summer, because it either lets them get away from weather conditions or they have the free time during the summer to do so.

Therefore, planning a trip in the spring or fall can help save money, because the peak season will be over and the relevant companies will need to fill spots and slash prices in order to do so.

Taking the time to research travel options ahead of time can make it easier to get around on a budget. If you don’t mind doing the research and travelling on deals such as these, then the whole world becomes much more reachable financially.

Reaching New Locales on a Budget

February 01, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Deals, Getting from here to there, Good to Know

When you are a student or low on income, travel can seem like a pipe dream, something far off in the distance that you one day may be able to take part in. However, there are definitely ways that you can reach new destinations and find your way to interesting places now without having to deplete your bank account.

Many who have caught the travel bug have created different social networks available for those who want to visit different states or countries but do not have the money to take a traditional vacation. “Couchsurfing” is one trend that is popping up all over the world, in tourist and more remote locales, alike. It is an online network of individuals who open their homes for free to travelers or lodgers and let them stay on their couch or in an extra room.

Those that are part of this trend usually notify potential visitors of the option through the website When you visit the page, you will feel like you are taking part in a strange mixture of a social networking and vacation rentals site. Individuals can create their own profile and “request” couches to stay on in different locations.

Other ways to travel cheap are to backpack, making use of hostels and cheap lodging. Traveling by plane is expensive, so try to utilize trains and buses as the majority of your transportation. The more you use your ingenuity, the easier it will be to see new places without having to go over your budget!