What Do You Like to Do in L.A.?

May 23, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Entertainment, Getting from here to there, Good to Know, Sports

California knows how to party….but what do you like to do when you visit?

Los Angeles and the surrounding cities boast an endless amount of tourist attractions, and fun day-trips. Whether you are into history, science, celebrities, or thrilling attractions, there seems to be something for everyone.

If you are into the arts, be sure to check out the J. Paul Getty art museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, etc.

If science is more your thing, check out the Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles Zoo, the California Science Center, etc.

To check out the sports scene, catch a game at the Staples Center, or Dodger Stadium!

for some excitement and thrills, lose yourself at Disneyland, Universal Studios, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Madam Tussauds, etc.

There are countless things to do in this beautiful and exciting city. Check out this site for more ideas, and book your trip to sunny Los Angeles, CA today!

Travel with Your Team: Six Ways to Find the Cheapest Sports Tickets

March 09, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Entertainment, Sports, Tickets

Desperate for Sports TicketsIt’s official — March has arrived. Conference basketball tournaments are upon us and the NCAA tournament is coming up, which has me thinking a lot about sports travel. If you’re one of the thousands of enthusiastic fans hoping to be there as your team makes a deep run in the tournament, chances are you’re looking for the best places to get sports tickets.

Whether you’re thinking of college or professional sports, there are probably several options you haven’t thought of. Search all sources for tickets — you may find the cheapest tickets where you least expected to find them. Here are some good places to start:

  1. Official sponsoring organizations: It’s funny how many people skip straight to ticket resellers instead of looking at official sources first. A surprising number of sports tickets are often available from official ticket-sales channels, and they’re usually cheaper than from resellers (but not always — see below). Start by checking with the website of the league, stadium or arena, conference, or team in question.
  2. Ticket-resell sites: You might be surprised by the prices you find on sites like StubHub, TicketsNow and TicketBroker. Sure, most ticket holders with listings here are aiming to sell for a profit, but that’s not always the case, and once one seller lists at a lower cost, prices can drop for an entire event. And different sites can have significantly different prices, so shop around.
  3. Online auction sites: The most obvious choice here is ebay, but take a look around. I don’t generally love auction sites for sports tickets, but they can be helpful if prices elsewhere are outrageous, especially if your desired tickets have a Buy Now option (which will often give you a competitive price).
  4. Classified ads (print and online): Some outlets will have higher readership than others, so if you don’t know where people in your community go to buy and sell, run a quick poll of friends or coworkers to see what names they throw out. It may be a physical newspaper or the website for a local TV or radio station. If most of the people you ask bring up the same place, start by looking there and then branch out to others.
  5. Craigslist: More and more, classifieds are shifting away from locally sponsored sites towards Craigslist, where sellers list sports tickets under the “For Sale: Tickets” category. The benefit here is that listings are done locally, so if you find a suitable price you should be able to have your tickets in hand quickly. The downside: high Craigslist traffic means you’ll need to act fast. What’s more, scammers have been known to rear their ugly heads on Craigslist, so always use caution here.
  6. Facebook Marketplace: This is a focused market for buyers and sellers because social networks often center around a geographic location. If you’re in Chapel Hill and looking for ACC tournament tickets, chances are there’s someone in your community selling them. And because Facebook isn’t as anonymous as Craigslist, scammers are less prevalent here. Still, keep an eye open for warning signs.

Given all these options, you should be able to find the cheapest tickets out there and have a great time on your trip. And it may be March, but it’ll be cold in plenty of cities across the country so travel safe out there.

Got any additional ideas for finding cheap sports tickets? Leave me a comment below.