A Dining Secret in Las Vegas

November 02, 2011 :: Posted by - TravelPro :: Category - Entertainment

When you are going to vacation in Las Vegas you should be sure that you take advantage of Mr. Lucky’s $7.77 deal. This is a meal that is not published on the menu, but something that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Mr. Lucky’s 24/7 hotel is located in the Hard Rock Hotel Casino. There are a lot of people that simply walk past this diner, assuming it is just like every other 24/7 diner in Vegas.

When you sit down to eat at the diner, simply tell the waiter that you want the $7.77 special. The water will know exactly what you are talking about and in a few minutes you will get a complete meal. First, you will get the choice of a salad. The Caesar salad comes highly recommended. After you get the salad you will then be served a plate with mashed potatoes, a steak and three jumbo sized shrimp.

Quite a deal for only $7.77!

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